Budjee Plan Management Budget Buddy

Welcome to Budjee Plan Management's Budget Buddy.

This tool will help you prepare a new NDIS participant plan or help you prepare for your upcoming NDIS plan review or renewal. You can link Support Items to your Participant Goals, attach Support Item quotes/reports directly to a Support Item and finally save and email your completed proposed plan, with attachments.

Click here for more information on how to use the Budjee Plan Management Budget Buddy or check out the video below.

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To use the tool, complete the following information:

  • Enter the NDIS Participant’s name and NDIS Number (if known)
  • Select whether the Participant is an adult or a child
  • Enter the Participant’s location. The location helps determine the appropriate payment rates for certain support items.
  • Enter the Participant’s diagnosis and plan goals (optional)

Once you have completed the initial information, you can add Support items. You can use our easy-to-use wizard, or by searching for a Support item name or code.

Support items can be linked to your goals. You can add detailed notes and attachments to the Support items. Attaching a quote to a Support item is a great way of preparing for your next Plan Review.

You can save, email and print your completed report.

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